Your Home/Office can be Healthier for You and your Children

By avoiding the many materials, products, and systems used in new buildings today that put poisonous metals, minerals, and gases into our work and living spaces, or that create breeding grounds for biological organisms harmful to our health, you can have a healthier, safer environment.

You can be More Comfortable

By better insulating the structure, using higher performing doors and windows, installing more efficient heating equipment, utilizing more natural ventilation, and making better use of natural lighting, your work and living spaces will be more comfortable.

You can Save Money on your Operating Costs

By harnessing the sun's energy, eliminating unnecessary water use, and using quality materials, you can realize reduced water bills, lower energy bills, less maintenance bills, and fewer replacement bills.

You may be able to Save Money on Building Costs

By careful planning at the beginning of a project using a team approach (owner, architect, engineer, contractor, interior designer, landscape architect, etc.), sustainable features can be incorporated, often reducing the cost of the project.

You can do the Right Thing for your Grandchildren, your Community, and the Planet

By using less energy, water, and resources in the construction and operation of your building and by helping keep demolition and construction waste out of our landfills, you are nurturing the environment locally, globally and into the future.

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