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The Winner is:
Allen Associates for the Landrum Addition & Remodel.

This whole house remodel focused on quality rather than quantity, on preserving rather than replacing, and on reusing rather than throwing away. Deconstruction, not demolition, was the approach from the beginning.

Areas where change as planned were disassembled piece by piece and the contractor ended up recycling about 95% of all the wood and about 75% of everything else - materials that typically go into the landfill. The most creative and perhaps the most sustainable aspect of the project was adding to the existing adobe brick walls. The originals were painstakingly cut out and salvaged. Where additional abodes were needed, the contractor made adobes on site, using the same source of soil from the yard that was believed to be used for the original bricks. This project was liberal in the use of labor and tight in the use of materials, thus embodying a basic sustainability principle. In other words, artisans were supported and resources saved.

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