Allen Associates Built to Ship Vacation Homes

Have your dream vacation home designed and pre-built in California by master builders. Then it will be shipped via container to your tropical island or other vacation property. Allen Associates construction crews will travel to your site and quickly reassemble your pre-built home. Each home is custom designed to suit your specific location; taking into account views, climate, architecture, local building codes, and your life-style needs.

Advantages of the Allen Associates process:

  • Custom designs focusing on environmentally sound, comfortable, healthy and architecturally attractive homes.
  • Efficient, top quality construction by Allen Associates award winning crews.
  • Our process allows time to make specific design changes, related to finishes, fixtures, paint colors and furniture layouts.
  • Convenient availability to high quality, reasonably priced materials and skilled labor.
  • Easy access to the full range of products and furnishings including green materials.
  • Rapid assembly on your vacation site avoids expensive owner site visits, delays caused by inclement weather, unreliable labor problems and allows for speedy occupancy.

    About Allen Associates:

  • Winners of national, regional and local awards including many Green awards.
  • Experts on environmentally friendly, durable and low maintenance vacation home products.
  • Completed projects in Kauai, Tahiti, New Zealand.
  • Fluent in English, Spanish and French.
  • Crews are experts in all phases of construction.

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