Allen Associates is a general contracting firm that takes pride in combining efficient management with expert craftsmanship. It has developed an expertise in environmentally friendly building practices. Being keenly aware of building costs, it continuously seeks green solutions that save money. The company has won numerous national, regional, and local awards for its quality projects and its innovative, green leadership.

Custom Building Division - constructs custom homes, handles large and small remodels, and executes small and medium scale commercial projects.

Building Care and Repair Division ( - handles service, repair, maintenance, and home warranty work to assist the home and business owner with property challenges. Its green experience helps clients improve the energy efficiency and indoor-air-quality of their places.

Built to Ship Division - creates custom built homes shipped to a property and constructed in 4-5 weeks. These unique, attractive, healthy homes are less expensive, of better quality, and completed in less time than traditional construction. A wide variety of designs and floor plans are available.

Home Life Plan Division - partners with home owners on a multi-year basis as trusted advisors to help them take care of all their property needs, laying out schedules for maintenance and repair work, helping them modify their properties for changing needs, and even assisting them with realizing their life style dreams.

Built to Last Division - does concrete work from the most complex structural concrete projects to the most sophisticated patterned, colored artistic projects. Through the use of high percentage flyash concrete the company's green orientation is again evident.

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