Seismic Mitigation Work

A branch of Allen Associates specializes in seismic mitigation work. Beginning in 1990, three of our superintendents have become certified experts in the area of seismic reinforcement. Allen Associates became one of the first contracting firms on the City of Santa Barbara's approved list of seismic retrofit contractors. Most of our work is in strengthening or rebuilding old foundations, tying buildings down to their foundation, reinforcing old masonry walls, and bracing masonry chimneys. Because of our established track record in this field, The Journal of Light Construction, a national construction publication, has presented our work and has requested detailed articles from our experts on how to perform seismic retrofit work. (See: Seismic Support for Old Foundations -&- Tying Down the House - by John Scoggins)

Custom Concrete Finishes and Hand Cut Stone Work

From floors of decorative concrete with antique pigmented finishes and patterned score lines to stone-textured concrete walkways, from driveway entry stone columns with stone wing walls to concrete and tile fountains, Allen Associates crews are able to create beautiful concrete and stone finishes for the most discriminating eye.

Leader in Sustainable Building Practices

Allen Associates has in-house expertise and experience in energy conservation: solar water heating; passive solar space heating and cooling strategies; optimum siting of buildings; sensitivity of site qualities during construction; use of materials with low embodied energy, recycled content, and lesser toxicity; and strategies for reducing water usage in structures and on site. We can advise a client as to which of these products and approaches saves money on a project and which does not.

Leak Detection

Our company is unique in having a leak detective on staff. Through selective testing and thoughtful analysis, he is often able to save our clients - home owners, other contractors, and managers - thousands of dollars. This is accomplished by finding and curing most leaks before costly tear-off and total redo remedies are utilized, often erroneously. Unfortunately, the total redo approach is the most commonly recommended cure, but it is often recommended before knowing the source of the problem.

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